Saturday, 30 October 2010

my room is my heaven hehehe

Yuhuuuu, now I wanna share about my room.
Taraaaaaaa, this is my room:

Seems cozy rite? Now you think that woow I can’t believe that Hana’s room does transformation from dirty to clean. hohohonestly, I’m lazy enough to clean my room. What you see on the picture is manipulation cause I work harder to get it clean before I take the picture muahahahaha :D

I get it clean only 2 days in a week and also when my friends and family would come (devil smirk). I love my room though it’s not wide and expensive. When I come to my room I feel safe and comfy. You can see my favorite quotes, lot of books, and much photos inside. If you smart enough, you can guess how really I'm inside by analyze my room decoration. Here is the best place to write my diary, lying on my delicious bed, smells my pillow, and do anything what I wanna do. Yeay, I love my heavenly room. Here they are tons of my secret were kept safely...


  1. looks so much better than last time i went there.
    hehehehe :p

  2. not funny, but i'm laughing