Saturday, 30 October 2010

future teacher :D

Teacher. I wannabe an English teacher for young learners. It doesn’t matter whether kindergarten or elementary school. I love children, that’s why I choose to teach young learners someday. I love seeing children do anything with their own way. I love their laugh, their smile, they voice, and they attitude. They jump and laugh but 5 minutes later they might turn out to cry and shout. How innocent children they were.

Maybe for some people, teacher is not a profit job because the wage under average but for me teacher is a great job. It’s not an easy thing but it’s really interesting! :D

There will be no doctor, no architect, even no president if there is no teacher. Teacher helps students from unknown became known, impossible became possible, unbelievable became believable.

We learn anything from everything. We’re getting knowledge not only from teacher but from anything. Family is the first environment that could teach children to develop their mind and behavior. The parents teach them about norm and value that should be obeyed by their children. Became a teacher is not easy as you see; sometimes it became a difficult one. Teachers are expected to be good, well-attitude, nice, and wise. It would be a pretty pressure cause when we do some mistakes, our dignity is the price.

When we do something good and our students do it too, we will get uncountable happiness. The best way to be a pioneer is begun with yourself, do it first then they would be your follower. I love to spread happiness and good habits. It makes me feel peacefully. Teacher is my option to change the world :D


  1. Semangat bu guru! :D
    anyway, what's happened to ur blog?

  2. hihihi lagi ngebiasain pake english hans, biar skripsi nanti ga terlalu kaget :)