Saturday, 30 October 2010

stay survive :)

Since I lived in Bandung, I’ve got many lessons that I’ve never got before. I don’t live with my happy lovely family anymore. I’m thousands kilometers far away from my family. I learn to stand alone. Every single activity I do by myself. It makes me realize that I’m lucky enough before-and so now. I’m so thankful to God that given me a chance to know how college life is. Actually, I have family in Bandung, my uncle lived in Sarijadi but it’s freaky far away from my campus then I decide to live in boarding house.

It’s really fun when you get lot of new friends in your boarding house then you feels comfort around them. Cooking together, watching together, eating together, but bathing couldn’t be together hahaha. Alfi, Diana, Icha, Nisa, Indri, and Gina are my amazing boardinghouse-mates, hihi I found my new family here =)

Sometimes I feel confused and frustrated when everything goes wrong and I can’t handle it. Feels so blue, tears roll down as dew, really hurt. It’s true. I know it just common situation that could be happen in every human’s life, I’m not a pathetic one. So, I take a deep breath and relax to make myself better. Then I take a little walk outside or read some books to maintain my feelings. I learn a lot how to survive in this city. Friends cured your sadness; they could feel what you feel even you never told them before.

College life isn’t as easy as I guess. Sometimes tons of assignment flooding you, you’ve got troubles with your friend, or maybe your lecturer thinks that you shouldn’t be here hahahaha you should try SNMPTN next year (silly advice).

I do really love my life. Good or bad things that happen to me are blessings. I’m very thankful when good things come to me and I learn a lot from bad things that ever against me in this journey. Now, I try to be a hearty girl who always faces her every single problem with pearly smile. Be strong, Hana! =)


  1. omg.
    i supposed to think like you han.

    frenkly, we boys here showering together :))

  2. stay survive dude :)
    be strong! :D
    *nasib perantau*
    *swingy mood*