Sunday, 9 January 2011

one last post for you

Hello. Long time no see.
 I don’t know would you read this or not. But whatever happens, I will keep publishing this. I'm not exactly writing this on your birthday, right. But I prepare it for your birthday. What are you expecting from me? I don't know why you still reading it, you might skip it to the last sentence, because that is where I put the "happy birthday". I'm not writing a love letter here, truly, not some romantic words either. So you can move to the last line anytime. The reason I write this is because I can't say it directly to you, I have no brave for that. And I think that it would be much better in letter. Okay enough for the crap, let's come to the point, I know you're bored enough.
Today is your birthday. You getting the new age. You are getting older, wiser, happier and better from the last. Be grateful for what you have got now. Be a good person okay. I know you always try to be better everyday. I'm just one person in your life, so open your eyes and see the world, see everything. Don’t waste your time doing something unnecessary. I’m happy to meet you and thanks God for that. I know, we have known each other for a long time. But honestly, we don’t know much yet each other. Okay, that’s my opinion and I just want to share. I realize that I have no impact in your life though you have a great impact for mine. I just want to say thank you for everything. I wish you will be happy with her. I will always pray the best for both of you. Sorry for not giving you birthday greeting directly.
Last, let me say “happy birthday!”. 

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