Saturday, 28 May 2011

Addicted to Internet

Facebook, Twitter, MSN messenger, YM, etc are social networks that allow you to keep in touch with people around the world. It’s not a big deal how far they are, if you connect the internet and log in to those webs, you can chat and having a conversation with them easily.
Most of people in the world have an account of those webs. A lot of people enjoy surfing the net. However, some people spend such many hours on-line that they are Internet addicts. Although an average person spends eight to twelve hours per a week, but an addict spends to twelve hours per day online. Because addicts spend so much time interacting with the computer so it can affect their lives negatively. They became social recluses, because they stop going out and talking to people face to face. They avoid real-life situations, preferring instead to be in a dimly lit room with only the glowing screen to light up their lives. Internet addiction negatively affects not only the addicts themselves, but also the people around them.
As college students are especially technologically skilled they can easily become non-stop Net-suffers. Many colleges provide computers at several locations around campus since students can use them at any time day or night. As a result, students can spend too much time surfing the net instead of “surfing” their textbooks. In short, even though the internet is an excellent source of information and entertainment, but we must not let it take over our lives.

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