Saturday, 29 October 2011

i always back to you, even when i wanna go far far away from you. you always be my home to stay. i know you would never ever care but i hope you will realize that everything i've written here always about you. i've ever felt the worst part of life because of you, but you also the one who's ever made me the happiest girl.
God, please help me to manage this feeling. i don't wanna suffer any longer. if he's not meant to be mine, let me free to throw away this feeling, take away my memories about him. but if he's my best, let me get a chance once again to be with him.
dear God, i know You are the one who knows everything. i'm sure You will give the best for me, for him, for us. i wish You would hear my little pray and give the best way for me to find the true love :)

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