Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I never thought that writing proposal for my research paper (skripsi) is so hard. I’ve been trying to pour all of my ideas on my proposal but I just got 2 pages. Huff, I really want to finish my undergraduate soon.
On the couple weeks ago, I try to find out about the topic for my research paper. When I finally got it, I make some research questions and writing two paragraphs for background. Then, I’m stuck. Where I have to find any idea for my proposal?
Well, I know, it’s never been easy for me. This is a big challenge to be through. This is the challenge for me to finish my study. One step closer to graduation. There are still many steps to be taken. Of course, it will be hard if I don’t have any willingness to do it. So, stand up Hana. Do your best to do this proposal. Bismillaah..Fighting! :D  

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