Friday, 19 November 2010

young forever

On this night, I feel lonely. My boardinghouse-mates didn’t back yet from their hometown. Only crickets’ orchestra accompanies me. Krik.. krik.. krik..
It makes me imagine about my future (ngelamun ni yee) hahaha

Fyuuuuh…time never stop, it’s running with high speed. No no no, time has a constant speed actually but I need more time to enjoy my life. 24 hours isn’t enough for me. Ckckck, Hana is greedy, isn’t it? Nooooo, I’m not =p

My old friends are having different life now. One by one is getting their new life. Some of them have got a good job and some of them have been married. I didn’t even realize that time goes very very fast.

I’m twenty now. I’m not a teen girl anymore. I became member of early adult (dewasa awal) group now. But hell-ooooo, look yourself. Does your attitude identify your age? Ok, answer this question honestly in your heart.

Maturity doesn’t depend on your age. It depends on your mind and your attitude. Maturity doesn’t mean you have to available use colorful make-up, having tons of high heels shoes, or have the right to go everywhere on the middle of night.
Maturity covers all of nice attitudes. If you already hold your responsibility wisely and correctly in every single activity, congratulation, you have been a mature person.

I know, I’m not mature yet. Sometimes I act like a fifth girl, crying like a baby, and do something childish which a mature woman shouldn’t do. Everything has a process to be achieved and so do this. Being mature is not as instant as a noodle. I have to learn a lot to be a mature person. Wish I’d be mature soon, but hey, I wannabe young forever hahahaha ^______^


  1. im tired of talking about maturity.
    i want time stops and i stay at twenty.
    its really hard of thinking we should work and have new family. :(

  2. like ur adagium, "Maturity doesn’t depend on your age. It depends on your mind and your attitude"
    we always walk from one part to the other part of our life.
    when we still in the transition, we must add somthing new.

  3. handry: yeah, me too. but we have to face the reality, life must go on ;p

    maidi: ofcourse! do something new, learn new lesson, and getting new friends. thanks for comment dude. welcome to the journey :)