Wednesday, 9 March 2011

just so you know

sorry for that misunderstanding. you know that. i'm not lie to you. if you don't believe me, just ask your ex about what she said. seriously, i'm not feeling well when you said that she never cheated on you but she said so. it's like that i'm a liar. no, i won't lie to you about this.
thanks for replying my text. i'm happy have a little conversation with you. really. so silly that i show a thousands words in order that you will understand. but it seems useless. it's funny to feel my heart beat faster than usual while i'm texting with you hahahahaha hana cupu. baru smsan aja deg-degan. gimana kalo ketemu coba hahaha soal belakangan itu. i don't know will we meet up again (or not). all that i know is i'm just a fool being someone who cares a lot with someone who doesn't. :p

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