Friday, 4 March 2011

unspoken connection

I don’t know how to say. That news makes me shocked. You and your girlfriend have ended the relationship. You know what, I’m sad when I know that. Very sad. You have been through almost 6 years with her. It would be your longest relationship that you’ve ever had. I have no idea that you appear in my dream, twice. You look so sad there. That’s why I decide to text you to know what happen. Then you reply that you are no longer with her. Yesterday I texted your ex-girlfriend and she said that she has cheated on you, that’s why you asked to end the relationship. I think when couples has been together in a long time, they would never been hurt each other. But I’m wrong. Time never reflects your faithfulness.  
Sorry to hear that. I hope both of you will find the right person. God has written the best destiny. Maybe someday you will be back with her or you will find the new one, who knows. Sometimes, everything doesn’t run with your own way. It makes you frustrated and desperate. Stay believes in God, He will show you the best way.
Life has it’s up and down. But don’t worry, I asked God to make you happy, healthy, and guide you safely through every mile. I know it’s never been easy to get over someone who has been with you for almost 6 years. But it’s your decision to let her go. I don’t know whether it’s good for you or not. One point that you have to know, I’m still here, pray for you. Pray the best for you.

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