Monday, 14 March 2011

sorry, i can't stop it

dear heart, why you always choose someone who doesn't love you back?
aren't you tired of being into pieces?
it really hurts when you love someone who doesn't love you back. then why i'm still care a lot about you? i don't know, maybe i love you. no no no, it's absolutely i do love you. dear God, will you ever let him know that someone missed him quite terribly. i'm too shy to tell him, i'm too afraid to let him knows. because i know, no matter how much i love him, he would never love me back. he would never love me as the way i do.
i'm the one who wants to be with you, deep inside i hope you feel it too. but it may only be my dream. i'm expecting too much, then i'm hurt. i'm fall so deep in love with you, now i fall so deep in the ravine to know that you never care about me even just a little. no one catch me. i wish i had another time to love you. but suddenly tears roll down when i'm realize it's impossible.
my heart cracks, you may think i'm a lunatic. go ahead, feel free to think about that. maybe i really am.
tell me how could i move on when i'm still in love with someone, unconditionally, even when i know he doesn't love me. you don't know that i try to forget you for million times. the harder i try to forget about you, my love for you grow stronger.
i still look at your twitter. i just want to know what are you feel or what are you doing. you don't know how long i've waited for you. hahahahahaha how pathetic i am.
God, please cure this illness. i don't know what should i do. i don't know what are you planning for me. i hope it's the best though it hurts me so much. life teaching me how to be patient.

these are my feelings, i hope you understand.
or maybe you just don't care

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