Friday, 29 April 2011

job interview

On the last meeting in English for Office Administrasion, I learned about job interview. What are the things that should we prepare before interview, what are the things needed to build and develop our answer, and how do the well interview. I think it’s useful for you who wants to get a job. So, I try to write down what I have learned on the subject to spread my knowledge about it.
Job interview is a formal meeting between the candidate and prospective employers wherein the employer seeks to find out the candidate’s suitability for a post through questions and answers. There are 3 stages for the candidate to prepare:
1.       Before Interview
What you have to do as a candidate before interview?
a.       Build a positive mindset
b.      Meet successful candidates
c.       Build your confidence through mock interviews
d.      Study your CV
e.      Find out about the company/ institution
f.        Brush up your general knowledge
g.       Find out the interview location
h.      Prepare your clothes etc
i.         Go blessed
j.        Keep your testimonials ready

2.       Actual Interview
To make yourself as presentable as possible during the interview, keep these points in mind:
a.       You are first judge by your non-verbal communication
b.      Greeting cheerfully
c.       Await permission to sit down
d.      Sit an ease but be alert
e.      Answer briefly and to the point
f.        Get the question clarified
g.       Avoid nervous movement
h.      Be truthful
i.         Keep your temper in check
j.        Stay positive in all conditions
k.       Keep your questions ready
l.         Make a graceful exit

3.       After the Interview
There may be a follow-up after the interview.
I hope it will be useful and helpful for you, sooner or later. Good luck then :)

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