Saturday, 14 May 2011


I’ve told you before that I got Minang Group for KKN. Unfortunately, I can’t join with them. Yesterday, when Ani entered my email address, the program said my email has expired. I have to log in with the other email. It spends many times to get my new email; I won’t make Ani and friends waiting only for me. I excuse them for making group without me inside. Huhuhu poor me, for technically mistake I have to separate with Ani and Minang Folks.
Alhamdulillah, I’ve got new group now. My destination for KKN is Melong Village, South Cimahi. I choose MBS program (Manajemen Berbasis Sekolah). Roman-romannya sih bakal jadi guru lagi hohoho. Anyway, surprisingly, I know nothing about my friends in my group. The group consist 4 males and 6 females including me. Huaaaaaa, I haven’t known them yet, even one person. I’m not a skeptic one; I just want to imagine what I should do to break the ice between people that I haven’t met yet.
I tell my problems with my besties. Aini said “Ah Hana, you are friendly. Don’t worry about that. I’m sure you can blend with them in just a few days.” and Vera also said this “Ya Han, you are very talkative and SKSD person. I’m sure it’s not a big deal for living with new people”. Hahaha SKSD, TALKATIVE? Segitunyakah kalian menilai dirikuuuu hehehehe.. I hope I can be friends with them and find a good formula to make this KKN program going well. *full of spirit* 
                 Muchas gracias for your support my lovely besties, I will be missing you for a couple months ahead. Wish me luck then : D

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