Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Untuk yang sedang sedih, gundah gulana, dan galau tak terkira. Janganlah kau berduka lara. Waktumu tiada guna jika kau bersedih hati saja. 
Saya baru membaca tweet ibumu. Sepertinya kamu lagi sedih. Ibumu hebat ya, mengetahui bahwa buah hatinya sedang galau walau kau tak memberitahunya sepatah kata pun dan kau terpisah jarak ribuan kilometer darinya.
Jangan membuat ibumu sedih dengan kesedihanmu ya..
Wake up boy! You shouldn’t be like this. I know you love her very much. Every relationship has end, married or break up. If you’ve just broken up, it doesn’t mean that your life is over. You have million chances to live it up. If you are apart with her now, it doesn’t mean that you are not hers forever. We don’t know who will marry who someday.
Be tough, believe me, if she is meant to be yours, you will be back with her no matter what exist. If your destiny is her, the way will lead you come back to her and both of you will spending life together. So please, don’t be sad and mad because I can feel what you feel. You know what- I’ve ever felt these sickness 6 years ago. It’s very painful and suffering being apart with someone who I love the most. It’s the reality that every human have to face. You can run from this problem, but you can’t hide. You just have to through it all by your wisdom and sincere heart. You must be strong, dude! Just be positive with all of problems that you faced now. It’s the time for you to learn and introspect yourself.
Honestly, I really want to text or mention you on twitter even more. I want to cheers you up, I want to tell you that you are not the one who ever felt this pain; I want to cure your sadness. But I have no brave. You know I still care about you and maybe I always will. Don’t forget to pray; only the Almighty can help you through this harsh time. I do support you by my little pray. Hope you always be happy and healthy all the time. Cheers =)

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