Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cultural Summit 2012

Hi bloggers, it’s been a long time I didn’t update my blog. Well, now I’m gonna tell you my experience when I join the Cultural Summit 2012 in Villa Otavia Lembang. This event is held on 6-8 July 2012. As you know, this event concerned about culture. Not only to know more about Indonesian Culture but also other cultures from different countries.
Our EPs
 The Delegates

I really really enjoyed the event. I met many people from different provinces, even different countries! On the first day, the delegates are decided into several groups and the committee showed us the room. I got room 7 with my boarder mate, Intan. We are given the free time until 7 p.m. After prayed and ate, we gathered in the plenary hall. The first part of this event is opening. These sessions include the introduction about committee (OCs and EPs), the general explanation about the event, and get to know the other delegates. I was really excited because the OCs and EPs were very entertaining. There were several games in get to know session. It was very funny, because in a few minutes we had to know at least 5 people around us (you have to find their name, where they are from, even their relationship status) hahahahahahaha. Maybe you didn’t know that OCs also decided us into 2 groups, the single group and taken group. They were very surprised when the member of single group was mucher than the taken group hahahaha kebanyakan jomblo yang ikut acara ini (included me)^^. 

We went to bed on 12 p.m too late to sleep ;p Oh ya, fyi there are more than 100 people joined this event, but the villa only has few toilets. So if you want to go to the toilet, you have to make a long queue: p It happened on the second day, I woke up at 5 o’clock in morning. I really want to wudhu and take a bath, but I really shocked because there were more than 6 people in front of the toilet, so I was the seventh. They waited for the toilet, it means that I have to wait 6 people to get my turn. OMG. Let’s skip this part, after had a breakfast, we gathered on the plenary hall to get the explanation about our schedule. The Fun Team and the Punishment Team were my favorite. They always read the gossip box and must-do-box in the morning. For each person whose the name are in the boxes, you have to tell the confirmation about the gossip, or get the punishment uuuuuuuuu. 

The second day was very tiring yet fun. Some of EPs (Exchange Participant) gave us the presentation about their countries. There were Michelle and Sammy from Taiwan, Kim from Vietnam, Adele from French, Darina from Russia, and Kate from Cheko. They explained about their country, about the history, traditional food and clothes, famous people from their country, and even the traditional dances. I really enjoyed Cancan (bacanya kongkong) dance from France. It was very attractive! We also played angklung! Wooohooo that was my first time played angklung with many people, and it was very interesting! 

On the night, there is a British Quiz from Ali. Ali is an Exchange Participant from UK, he is moslem, and he is very marvelous. He brought the presentation with different way, by giving a quiz. He made the quiz by himself, I really admired him. The questions of the quiz were pretty unexpected. Could you imagine, he gave this question for us “how many Mc’Donalds in UK?” hahahahaha Ali was very tricky! Lucky me, my group is the winner of the British quiz! Alhamdulillah~ After British quiz, I have to perform with my group. The performance should give us the understanding about culture. I’m group seven. Each group has one OC and one EP. The OP in my group is Tanti, and the EP is Ali! Waaaa I’m very happy to know that. Actually, my group didn’t well-prepared. We make sure about the performance only 30 minutes before. We determined to bring a role-play. We tried to show the difference of greeting between one country to other countries. Each member has a role. I got a role as a woman from India (Kareena Kapoor) hahaha so I have to say “Namaste” when I meet the people. My friend, Faizal as Mario Maurer from Thailad, he has to say “Swadikraab” to greet the people, Hamid as Siwon has to say “Anyeong” to greet the people. It was very fun because each person has to sing or dance before the role play. Bayangin dong, hana nari2 India dulu sebelum take a scene! >.<” There were 10 groups, but committee only choose 3 groups to be the winner. Udah ga well-prepared, eh pas diumumin ternyata my group got the first turn to perform! Gimana ga nervous coba. But it’s worth it, because on the last day, the committee announced us as the runner up :D

On the last day, we got painting classes. The first session was lead by Yana from Ukraine, and the second session was lead by JC from China. After painting classes, we got paper craft class. And the last session, there were group discussion. Ali, Darina, Kim, Yana, and Kate were the EPs that I got to discuss with. The first is Ali, my favourite EP hehehehe he told me about moslem-life in UK. He said that he is a moslem, and the population of moslem in his country are very little, only 3 percents. He also said that sometimes, he difficultly found the halal food. In UK, women are allowed to wear hijab. Ali said there are some universities that offer Islamic studies, but the best one is Oxford University.

Next, with Darina (Russian) we discussed about the relationship between different genders in her country. She asked us why Indonesians are not permitted doing premarital sex, why kissing and hugging with their boyfriend are not allowed in public. To be honest, these issues are very sensitive for me. As you know, it’s really connected with religion and qur’an. We did a deep discussion with Darina. She thinks that the people from western do ‘this’ activity to get the best mate. So if they don’t try, they won’t get the best mate. I don’t know but she thinks that if she wants to buy a thing, so she has to try it first. I’m not agree with her opinion, because I think that’s not the best way to get the best mate. It was only desire. When we are married with someone, we have to accept the strength and the weaknesses of our mate. In my religion (Islam), you will marry a person like you, whether you be a good person, you will mary a good person, and if you be a bad person, then you will marry a person on the equal level with you.
 thi is a picture with Darina
Well, I can’t tell you the discussion completely, because I just want to share some experiences I got there. I really grateful I joined the cultural summit. It’s very worth it for me. I learned a lot about culture and how to live in diversity. I also learn about self-development, how to be more confident, how to make friends, how to interact with foreigners, and many more. Thank you for OCs and EPs and also the delegates. You rock! You really inspire me to be a better person. Alhamdulillah, Cultural Summit 2012 such an irreplaceable experience for me :)

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