Wednesday, 18 January 2017

First pregnancy

I missed my period on October,  one week later I bought a testpack.  It really surprised me when I found two red lines on the testpack.  My husband immediately brought me to Cinta Kasih hospital to get clear explanation from the doctor. The doctor asked me about the first date of my last period.  And he checked through usg scanner to make sure. Because I didn't drink enough water before,  the embrio can not be seen on the screen.  The doctor asked me to drink much water and back here again to recheck. My heart's beating so fast. I'm afraid if something bad happens. After I drank 2 bottles of mineral water,  I went back to the doctor. And subhanallah,  I can see that tiny circle on the screen. My husband and I were amazed by this moment.  The doctor said my pregnancy is around 5 weeks.  He gave me some medicine to strengthen my womb and vitamins to keep the baby healthy.

Alhamdulillah,  after 7 months of marriage. Allah gives me a chance to be pregnant. It's 19 weeks now. Please pray for me to get smooth pregnancy and safe delivery later.

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