Monday, 5 November 2012

the power of dreams :)

May peace be upon you the readers..
This post is going to explain clearly about my dreams. Some people said that we should have dreams to live with hope and expectations. Our dreams can be our motivations when we are less motivated or decided to stop struggling.
As a Moslem, my biggest dream is to enter Jannah. That’s why I try to do my best in doing every single activity of my life. Don’t forget to straighten your intention (niat) every time. Niat kita harus lurus, mencari ridho Allah SWT. Niat yang lurus akan membuat kita selalu bahagia, bahkan ketika kita gagal melakukan sesuatu. Kita tak akan pernah kecewa karena niat kita memang bukan sekedar mencari keberhasilan, pujian, atau harta semata, namun mencari keridhoan Allah SWT.
Second, I want to make my parents proud of me. They have been taking care of me since I was a child and even when I was just born to earth. They teach me anything, they are my first teacher, they are my truly motivator. I know I can’t repay them for what they have given and done to me. Their love, their smile, their patience, their prayers, their sincerity, their understanding, their sacrifice..Ya Allah, please forgive their mistakes. Please love them and give them an endless happiness in the world and here after. Please grant a place in Jannah for a reward for them.
Third, I want to be an advantageous person. My life is temporary; I want to make my life meaningful for me and others. I want to give any positive impacts for my family, friends, society, and islam. It can be done by doing good deeds, participating in social-organizations, implementing islam values in my life, and volunteering positive activities. Like Aa Gym said, if you want people to follow you in doing something good, you have to do it first. The formulas are: start from yourself, start from little things, and start from now. Bahasa Indonesianya: mulai dari diri sendiri, mulai dari hal yang kecil, dan mulai dari sekarang juga.
Fourth, I hope that Allah give me a chance to do pilgrim. This is one of five pillars in my religion. I really want to go pilgrim someday. Seeing ka’bah in front of my eyes, praying in Masjidil Haram, reading qur’an with other moslems around the world, or even touching hajar aswad. I promise if I have enough money, I will go pilgrim soon. Ya Allah, please give me a chance to do that. I would be very grateful if I could do that even though only once in my life time. I wish before I die, I have ever been in Mekkah for once.
Fifth, I want to travel around the world. I love travelling. It makes me realize that Allah has created Earth and Sky beautifully. Allah has created people differently with their own characteristics. Visiting new places, knowing new people, seeing beautiful nature, making new friends, experiencing something new, and practicing different activities are the reasons why I do love travelling so much. There are 5 countries I want to visit most:
The first one: Arab of course. There is a place where islam was born. So much histories of islam can be learned in Arab. There also have some holy places of moslem around the world where we can pray and ask anything to Allah. I would be very happy if I’m able to see the historical places of Rasulullah’s journey by myself. Rasulullah is my truly idol. He is the one who always love his ummat even though he never met them. He is the one who is crying because of his ummat. He is the one who ask forgiveness for his ummat. Sometimes I cry a lot when I realize how big his love to his ummat is, while we are here forgetting him in most of times. Huhuhuhuhu forgive me ya Allah. I really miss you, ya Rasulullah..
Second, I want to visit UK (United Kingdom). As a student of English Department, I have a big passion to meet Prince Williams hahahahahahaha no no no I was kidding! I want to know more about UK, the place where English come from. Why not America? People out there also used English as their language. Yeah, but I prefer UK to America because UK has a unique culture and kingdom. If I visit UK, I will get an obvious understanding about the language, culture, and society. Oh ya, I think British people also more polite and well-behave if compared with Americans..Oooooops hehehehehe. Peace out, that was just my pure opinion. Not all of Americans like that actually :D
Third, France! I love France so much. Did you know that on the last semester I took French course? I have stopped now actually HAHAHAHA ga kuat mameeeeen belajar grammar bahasa Prancis yang RUWET abis. But still, I love France. I love the language (some people said France is the most romantic language in the world) emang iya sih, hana seneng banget kalo denger orang ngomong pake bahasa Prancis. Rasanya gimanaaaa gitu hwehehehehe. I love Eiffel too! I often read many love stories and most of them told me about the beauty of Eiffel tower.
Fourth, either Japan or Korea. It doesn’t matter whether Japan or Korea. If I get a chance to visit one of them or even both, I would be very very grateful. Japan and Korea have a unique culture. Japan has traditional clothes like kimono and has some traditional celebrations each year. I love Japan because I love reading comic, watching anime, and observing dorama hahaha I know you wouldn’t get shocked. I’m a big fan of Detective Conan comics. I have been reading the comics since I was on the second grade of elementary school. I love Korea too, South Korea especially because I want to meet Siwon oppa! Hahahaha ga deng. I just want to experience Korean’s atmosphere. I often watch Running Man (you know right, this is the most famous reality show in Korea), this reality show can make me laugh unstoppably because of the funniness of the members. Pengen banget ketemu Jae Suk!
Last, Palestine. This country has been attacked by many conflicts several years ago and even until now. Can you imagine, the Palestine citizens have to adjust and live with war, sound of tank, screaming of people, shooting guns, exploding bombs, crying children, and many miserable activities? This situation makes me sick. I’m really sad when I’m watching news on TV or reading newspapers that showing Palestine’s condition. There are many people died, many children lost their family, many people sick and starving, many people have no home, many people can’t pray peacefully, and these things are happen every day, every night, every time. Unstoppable. Masya Allah, sometimes I can’t prevent my eyes to water when I realized they have been terribly suffering for a long time. I’m here having a complete family, eating a good food, sleeping on a comfort bed, living in proper house, studying calmly, praying peacefully.. Alhamdulillah…Deep inside my heart, I really want to help my Muslim brothers and sisters there, I want to hold the children and say to them that everything’s gonna be okay, I want to tell them that Allah really see your sacrifice and He will give you a best reward for your sacrifice. But in fact, I can’t. I haven’t able yet to go there to give my real contribution. But I always pray for you, for you my Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah always give you a strong body, mind, and soul. May your sacrifice be your key to enter Jannah. May Allah repay your pain and sadness with your ticket to get an eternal happiness in here after.
Honestly, there are loads of countries I want to visit. But this one page of web wouldn’t be enough if I have to tell you any deep details of my dreams.
Okay, I have already shared my dreams for you. Pray for me okay, I really want my dreams do come true :) Of course, it’s not free. It can't be achieved by laziness, pessimism, despair, and unfaithfulness. You have to pay your dreams with your prayers, hard-working, struggling, efforts, focus, concentration, and self confidence.  
Everything will be happen if we believe it will happen. And always remember, we have Allah, the best Planner of our life. You can ask Him anything. Believe, your dreams will turn into reality.

Now, it’s time for you to share with me. Keep dreaming and making your dreams come true! :D


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