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The Sun and The Moon

The Sun and The Moon
By: Evi La Cheri (English Education of UPI batch 2011)

A long long time ago, the sun and the moon didn’t appear alternately on the sky, but they always appeared together as a couple; Sunny, the sun and Moony, the moon. Either it was on the day or in the night. It started when Sunny fell in love with Moony. It was love at the first sight. It happened when Sunny was grounding the sky and he heard a girl sang a song beautifully. He was very stunned and amazed by the girl’s voice.
                  “What a beautiful voice it is! Whose voice is it?”he said curiously. He wanted to know where the voice came from.
                   After searching curiously for the voice for a few minutes, suddenly, Sunny shone his light brightly.  It was unusual. It seemed he had found something ‘wow’ and that was right that he had found not only a beautiful voice but also a beautiful girl, a beautiful Moony the moon. She sang on the porch. Sunny was fascinated of Moony’s beauty and her voice. Sunny felt something wrong, different, and strange, but he didn’t know what actually happened to him. After several minutes, he had just realized that he fell in love with Moony the moon. It was evidenced by his lights which shone very brightly and that was one of the reasons why Moony fell in love with Sunny. Because Sunny’s brightly light was the most beautiful light she had ever seen.
                   It was a ‘love at the first sight’ for Sunny and Moony. Soon after they met, they became acquainted with each other. Then, one night, Sunny proposed to Moony, and they got married the day after. They promised to be faithful, love, honor, and keep each other forever. The universe’s occupants became the witness of their marriage promise.
                   Sunny and Moony became a happy couple, and after several months, Moony said that she got pregnant. Moony then gave birth to a cute baby named Starry, that is the star. They really became a perfect family.
                   Everyday, Moony always sang a beautiful song for Sunny and Starry. She showed and gave much of affections for both of them. Sunny also gave much of loves to his beloved wife and lovely child. They lived happily. Whenever and wherever they went, they’re always together. All of occupants in this universe knew that they were a happy family. Sunny’s family had made all of them envious.
                   One day, all of universe’s occupants were invited by Jupy, the Jupiter, to attend his birthday party. All of them came to Jupy’s party; the other planets like Mark the Merkurius, Saty the Saturnus and also other planet friends attended the party. Planet’s sattelit, meteroids, clouds, and another occupants gathered in Jupy’s house to celebrate Jupy’s special day. Sunny, Monny, and Starry also came to the party. Sunny held Moony’s hand while she was carrying Starry. Everybody looked at them. It was a sweet view of family.
                   Each of Jupy’s guest who looked to Sunny, Moony, and Starry would whispered, “Look at them! They look wonderful. They are the most perfect family I ever know.” They were glorified Sunny’s family.
                   “Mmmm ... Faithful husband, beautiful wife, and cute child.” said the other guest.
                   When the guests were enjoying the party, Jupy stood in front of his guest. Then everyone looked to him while he asked Cloudies the beautiful cloud to come forward. Then, Jupy let her to sing a song, Cloudies sang a very beautiful song. Sunny watched the Cloudies’s performance while Cloudies and Sunny’s eyes were staring each other. At the same time, Sunny’s light shone very brightly, the same light that had shone when Sunny met Moony, but it was stronger. Gosh! It meant that Sunny fell in love with Cloudies the cloud.
                   Sunny’s heart palpitated. For the second times, Sunny felt something wrong, different, and strange. “Do I fall in love with her?” Sunny asked to himself. He couldn’t stop stare Cloudies, “Would I betray my Moony...ooh no!!” Sunny started to lose control.
                   Sunny’s light shone brighter, brighter, and brighter. Moony who stood next to Sunny, immediately saw the change in her husband’s aura. She knew what happened with her husband. Then, she frowned upon him.
                   “Your light should be for me ... JUST FOR ME, SUNNY!!” Moony’s tears dropped.
                   “You’ve betrayed me,” she cried hardly. She didn’t believe that Sunny had betrayed her.
                   Quickly, her arms wrapped against Starry, “I vow that we will never see each other again,” Moony was furious, “Come on Starry, he isn’t your father anymore!!” They left, and despite numerous laments from Sunny, Moony and Starry never came back to Sunny’s side.
                   Although in the Sunny’s deepest heart still loved Moony, but he couldn’t lie to himself that he had fallen in love with Cloudies. Finally, Sunny the sun and Cloudies the cloud got married. They lived together, loved, and kept each other.
                   Since then, Sunny the sun and Cloudies the cloud appears on the day, while Moony the moon and Starry the star would be seen at night.

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